Shani Pradosh Vrat Katha: Read this fast story at the time of worship during Pradosh period

Pradosh Vrat on Trayodashi Tithi of every month (Pradosh Vrat) is kept. This fast is dedicated to Mahadev and is very dear to him. It is said that at the time of churning of the ocean, when Mahadev drank poison to save the world, on that day Trayodashi (Trayodashi) The date was Then all the gods worshiped him in Pradosh period to express his gratitude. Mahadev was very pleased with this and since then this fast dedicated to Mahadev started being kept. Even today in this fast, worship of Mahadev is in Pradosh period. (Pradosh Kaal) is done in itself. The importance of Pradosh also changes according to the day. Today on January 15, the first Pradosh fast of the year 2022 is being observed. While worshiping on this occasion, you must read this story of Shani Pradosh today.

Shani Pradosh fasting story (Shani Pradosh Vrat Katha)

According to the legend, once upon a time there lived a famous merchant in a town. He was very wealthy and always used to help others. Whoever came to his door asking for help, he would never return it empty handed. He had a good reputation in the society due to his philanthropic nature. People respected him a lot.

There was only a lack of children in his house, due to this the businessman and his wife used to be very unhappy. He made all kinds of efforts for this, but he could not get a child. Once with a sad heart, the husband and wife set out for a pilgrimage.

On reaching outside the city, he saw a sadhu sitting under a tree. The sages were in a state of meditation. Both of them went to the monk and sat down with folded hands in front of him. When the sadhu’s meditation was over, he looked at both of them and told them that whatever your sorrow is, that I know very well.

I know that you want a child to take forward your clan. For this, both of you should worship Mahadev and should do Shani Pradosh fast with the law. You will get a child only by the grace of Shiva. After this the monk also told him the fasting method of Shani Pradosh.

After this the merchant and his wife bowed down to the monk and went on a pilgrimage. After returning from pilgrimage, he fasted Shani Pradosh according to the method prescribed by the monk. After fasting for some time, one day the merchant’s wife became pregnant and gave birth to a son Ratna. Thus by observing Shani Pradosh Vrat, the emptiness of his life was filled and happiness came in the family. It is believed that any childless couple who observe this fast with full devotion, they definitely get child happiness.