Tuesday , June 18 2024

Series of suicides continue after atrocities on girl students in Kota

Everyone's eyes are fixed on Kota city of Rajasthan, which is famous as a coaching city across the country. Every day some unfortunate incident related to some student is coming to light in Kota. On one hand, coaching students are dying under the immense pressure of studies, while on the other hand, incidents of rape and molestation of girl students have given sleepless nights to the police. Recently, an incident of gang rape of a student and molestation of another student took place in Kota. When the incident of kidnapping of a minor coaching student for ransom from Jawaharnagar area of ​​Kota came to light, it created a stir. Created in police system. The police took immediate action and blocked it. Police successfully traced the student and informed her family. Actually, unknown thugs called the family of a student from Bihar and informed about her kidnapping.

Girl found safe in coaching class

The panicked family immediately called the girl but she did not answer as she was sitting in the coaching class so the family panicked and informed the Kota police. The news of the student's kidnapping created panic in the police and they also set up a blockade near the coaching class.