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‘Seizure’ warning from SKM in Barphung to Baichung

Sikkim; Chief Minister PS Golay on Friday said the projected candidature of Bhaichung Bhutia on the SDF ticket from Barphung constituency will “make no difference” to the ruling SKM and will result in the former Indian football team captain’s bail being forfeited.
“There are talks of joining a party at some point of time and contesting elections from here (Barphung). It doesn’t matter to us. When any person who has lost from many places contests elections from here, we will confiscate his deposit like last time. We seized it from Gangtok and did the same here,” Gole said while addressing an SKM program at Rabongla market under Barphung constituency.
Though the SKM president did not name Baichung, it was clear that his remarks were directed at the Hamro Sikkim Party (HSP) president who is soon merging his political outfit with the SDF party.
On Wednesday, Baichung had announced the merger of HSP with the Pawan Chamling-led opposition party in the coming days. He is seen as a potential SDF candidate from Barphung as his native village Tinkitum falls under this BL-reserved constituency.
Indirectly referring to Baichung, the Chief Minister said the former Sikkim footballer was changing his voter identity address for vested interests after entering politics in West Bengal. A person who supported the Darjeeling-Sikkim merger issue for the sake of votes, will you vote for him here?, he asked the Barphung assembly.
Golay recalled that Baichung was once a staunch critic of Chamling but was now “taking refuge in the same man”. He said that a self-respecting person never does this.

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