Thursday , April 18 2024

Scrutiny of Rajya Sabha election nomination papers: All nomination papers found correct

Jaipur, 16 February (HS). All the eight nomination papers filled by the candidates for the biennial elections for three Rajya Sabha seats from Rajasthan were scrutinized in the Assembly on Friday, in which all the nomination papers were found to be correct.

In the presence of Observer and Chief Electoral Officer Praveen Gupta, Election Officer Mahavir Prasad Sharma said that four nomination papers of Indian National Congress candidate Sonia Gandhi, two of Bharatiya Janata Party candidate Chunni Lal Garasia and two of Madan Rathod were presented before the election agents. Carefully examined.

The nomination papers were scrutinized by Returning Officer Mahavir Prasad Sharma and Assistant Returning Officer Suresh Chand Pareek in the presence of agents, proposers and candidates of the three candidates. As per the instructions of the Election Commission, videography of scrutiny of nomination papers was also done. Candidates can withdraw their nominations till 3 pm on 20th February.

BJP's objection on Sonia Gandhi's nomination papers rejected

The election officer has rejected the objection filed regarding the nomination papers of Sonia Gandhi in the Rajya Sabha elections. An objection was lodged in the Assembly on Friday by the BJP on the issue of not having complete information about Sonia Gandhi's ancestral property located in Italy in the affidavit. After this, PCC President Govind Singh Dotasara presented an errata on behalf of Sonia Gandhi. Accepting this, Election Officer Mahavir Prasad Sharma rejected the objection lodged by BJP.

After the objection was rejected, State Congress President Govind Singh Dotasara said outside the Assembly, Sonia Gandhi has been an MP for five times. Every time she has been giving information about her ancestral property in the same way. It is necessary to give information about property in the affidavit. Which was given by him. But BJP has a habit of making news. Therefore, today, on the basis of the slip from above, objection was lodged on the nomination of Sonia Gandhi. Which has been rejected by the election officer.

Actually, this objection was lodged by advocate Yogendra Singh Tanwar, election agent of BJP candidate Chunnilal Garasia. On his behalf, it was said that in the affidavit, Sonia Gandhi has only stated that she has ancestral property in Italy. In which city of Italy is that property located? What is its size? What is its estimated market value? All this information was not given in the affidavit.