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Saturn Sun Conjunction Result: Problems of these 4 zodiac signs will end from today

Sun-Saturn conjunction ends today: In Vedic astrology, the relationship between Sun and Shani Dev is that of father and son, but they are considered enemies. Therefore when these two planets travel together in the same zodiac sign or are in opposition then the effect is very bad.

In such a situation, Sun and Saturn have been traveling opposite to each other for the last one month. Thus, its effect was slightly bad on all the zodiac signs. People of many zodiac signs are facing a lot of problems.

But today i.e. 17th September 2023, with the change in the zodiac sign of the Sun, the problems of Saturn along with the Sun will end. Sun goes into the zodiac sign of its friend Mercury. With this, the problems of people of some zodiac signs will end from today and they will live a happy life. Now let us see which are those zodiac signs. Read on to know if your zodiac sign is included in this.


If the people of Taurus zodiac are facing problems in the workplace till now, then the problems will go away from today. Relations with higher officials in the office will improve. Your respect at the workplace will increase. If till now the government employees are struggling with high work pressure then now you will get relief from it. Traders will get good profits. Mainly the stuck money will be recovered.


Obstacles in the life of Leo people will be removed. Health related problems will end. But during this period, the problems of the spouse of people of these zodiac signs may increase and their health may deteriorate. Some people may experience separation from their spouse. It is advised to think carefully before taking any major career-related decision.


The life of Sagittarius people will be better than today. If people of this zodiac sign work hard and do not rely on luck, they can get good results. Your respect at work will increase and you may get a good promotion. Businessmen are likely to get good profits. People around you will have complete trust in you.


If the people of Aquarius sign have had to face many problems till now, then they will get great relief from today. The problems faced by the children will end. There will be progress in the workplace. Entrepreneurs will get stuck money. Hard work pays off. Obstacles coming in studies will be removed. From now on investment will yield good returns.

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