Wednesday , July 24 2024

Satpal Singh Satti | Live Updates, Unveiling the Latest India News Trends

Una, June 17 (HS). Former state president of BJP and current MLA Satpal Satti has criticized the Sukhu government of Congress in the state. Satti said that this Congress government is not the government of the people but the government of friends. If anyone has made the biggest adjustment in this government, then it is only the government and the CM's friends. Whereas there is an atmosphere of anarchy in the state. The government has no control over the administration, government employees do their duty after drinking alcohol and misbehave with the public.

Recently, a junior engineer in the electricity board office located in Dhaneta under the electricity subdivision Naidun, in an inebriated condition, misbehaved with people and his senior officers. The employee was arrested by the police for this. The thing to think about is why such a situation arises again and again in this government.

Satti said that mustard oil, refined oil and sugar have disappeared from the cheap ration depots. Due to this, consumers are getting half-incomplete ration in June. About 1.77 lakh ration card holders in Bilaspur may have to buy sugar and oil from the market at high prices in June. The reason for this is that there is no tender for edible oil and the sugar rate has not been approved by the government. The supply of mustard oil, refined oil and sugar has not yet reached the warehouses. This is the truth of the current Congress government, no one knows where the government disappears in every difficult time. Whenever the public faces trouble, the government has to be searched with a lens.

Any big announcement can be made anytime regarding friends in the government but public welfare works for the public, development works in the state are all stalled. Ever since the Congress government has come to power, the public is waiting for overall development. MLAs, public representatives, even the head of the Panchayat are waiting for some development work to be done in their area. This Congress government is the champion of spreading disappointment, everyone has got only disappointment in this government.