Samar Singh and Shilpi Raj’s new song ‘Babu Ek Iphone Dila Do’ sets the internet on fire

Bhojpuri desi star Samar Singh’s new ‘Babu Ek Iphone Dila Do’, who shook everyone in the Bhojpuri industry on the strength of his voice, has been released from the official YouTube channel of Worldwide Records Bhojpuri. Trading singer Shilpi Raj has supported Samar Singh in this. In the song, actress Sanaya Sheeghaniya has mixed the steps of Samar Singh.

In the song, Samar and Sanaya are enjoying the beautiful location of Dubai. Just then, Samar clicks some pictures from the phone to take a picture of Sanaya. The angle changes but Sanaya does not like the pictures taken from that phone and a girl comes and shows her iphone to Sanaya, seeing that Samar’s girlfriend also insists on getting the iphone from her. Just this time Samar Singh has brought the same argument.

‘Babu Ek Iphone Dila Do’ is written by Prakash Barood, Singer Samar Singh and Shilpi Raj, Music by Roshan Singh, Producer Ratnakar Kumar, Director Bhojpuria, Choreographer Golly Jaiswal, Edited by Meetji.