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Russia withdraws from Barents Euro-Arctic Council

Moscow: The Foreign Ministry has said in a statement that Russia has decided to withdraw from the Barents Euro-Arctic Council (BEAC).
BEAC “has been a useful and effective format for cross-border dialogue” for the past 30 years, and has contributed to maintaining peace and stability in the North, Xinhua news agency cited a statement issued on Monday as saying.
The statement said the Council’s activities are on hold from March 2022 due to Western members of the Council and Finland not confirming its readiness to transfer the BEAC chairmanship to Russia in October 2023.
“Under the current circumstances, we are forced to announce Russia’s withdrawal from BEAC,” the Foreign Ministry said.
It added, “Russia will continue to implement its national goals in the North. We are open to dialogue with everyone who is committed to a constructive approach, and ready for equal dialogue and mutually beneficial teamwork.” “
BEAC was established in 1993 and aims to promote stability and sustainable development in the Barents Region.

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