Saturday , July 13 2024

Rohtak: Important role of universities in environmental awareness: Prof. Niranjan

Rohtak, 19 February (HS). Universities have an important role in social harmony, national unity, integrity and environmental awareness. Universities can also make joint efforts to remove regional disparities. Vice Chancellor of Bangalore North University, Kolar, Karnataka, Prof. Niranjan Vanali made this call today as the chief guest in the workshop on Sustainable Lifestyle and Environmental Conservation organized by the University Outreach Program of Maharishi Dayanand University.

Pro. Niranjan Vanali said that saving the environment is necessary for our future generations. He said that we have to take inspiration for sustainable lifestyle from our ancestors and the mentality of the people living in rural areas. Special mention to Prof. EPICO people's movement to save trees in Karnataka. Niranjan, under which the common people fought to conserve the rich biodiversity of the Western Ghats. He also mentioned the Chipko movement in Uttarakhand. Pro. Niranjan said that if even after setting new dimensions of prosperity and development, one cannot sleep well at night, then what is the meaning of such prosperity and development. Pro. Niranjan invited the Vice Chancellor, professors and students of MDU to BNU, Kolar under the exchange programme.

MDU Vice Chancellor Prof. Rajbir Singh said in his presidential address that sustainable development and environmental protection is the need of the hour. If economic development is not sustainable then people will have to face problems. The Vice Chancellor said that we have to stop wastage of food items. Also, focus will have to be on waste management. In this context, Prof. of MDU's Green-Clean Campus and Waste Management Initiative. Rajbir Singh made special mention. He especially underlined the importance of physical health, mental health and happiness in life. Dr. Ashok D.R (KAS), Registrar of Bangalore North University, Kolar, said that Haryana is the state where Lord Shri Krishna preached Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna, which inspires us to do deeds. He said that in future, there will be mutual cooperation in social outreach, educational and research collaboration, skill development and entrepreneurship in MDU-BNU and joint programs will be organized. Dr. Ashok expressed his gratitude for MDU's MoU with BNU.