Friday , June 14 2024

Retrenchment: Amidst cost cutting, some employees of this company will be sent to these countries including India

Big IT companies are facing a possible recession these days. To reduce costs, these companies are laying off employees. Meanwhile, similar news has also come out from Google. Once again Alphabet owned Google is showing its employees the way out of the company. Google has fired employees on a large scale.

that's why layoffs are happening

A company spokesperson said on Wednesday that the number of employees is being reduced to reduce costs. He said that layoffs are not being done in the entire company. Therefore, the employees affected by this will be able to apply for some other role. However, the spokesperson did not provide any information about the number of employees affected by the layoffs or the teams involved.

Employees will be sent to these countries

The company will send some of the people affected by the layoffs to locations where it is investing, including India, Chicago, Atlanta and Dublin. It is noteworthy that this year, after many job cuts in the tech and media world, this retrenchment is also taking place in Google, due to which the fear has increased that the retrenchment may continue. It is clear that companies are struggling with economic uncertainty.

The sword fell on the employees of these departments

According to a report, employees of many teams of Google's real estate and finance department have been affected by this layoff. Finance teams affected include Google Treasury, Business Services, and Revenue Cash Operations. Not only this, Google's finance chief Ruth Porat has sent an email to her employees. It said the restructuring includes expanding growth in Bengaluru, Mexico City and Dublin.

warned in advance

This is not the first time that the company has fired employees. Earlier in January also, Google laid off hundreds of employees from across multiple teams, including its engineering, hardware and support teams, as the company increased investment in artificial intelligence offerings. Google CEO Sundar Pichai reportedly warned employees about job cuts earlier this year.