Friday , June 14 2024

Rent Agreement Rules: Why is the rent agreement made only for 11 months? Know the rules behind it

Rent Agreement Rules: Be it Delhi-Mumbai or Kolkata, people from all over the country move to big cities in search of work and live here on rent. When people from outside take a house on rent, they have to make a rent agreement. This is important from security point of view and many types of information are written in this agreement. But the special thing is that the full year rent agreement is made only for 11 months. Now you must be wondering that despite there being 12 months in a year, why is the agreement made for one month less and what is the reason behind this? Let us know in detail…

Therefore the rent agreement is made for 11 months only.

Indian laws also set rules for tenants. One of these includes the law related to rent agreement. There may be 12 months in a year, but under Section 17(d) of the Indian Registration Act, 1908, it is not mandatory to register a rent agreement or lease agreement for a period of less than one year. This means that landlords can make a rent agreement only for 11 months without any registration. That means landlords and tenants do not need to go to the sub-registrar office to get the documents registered and pay the registration fees while renting a house.

Big role in dispute between tenant and landlord

According to experts, most of the laws made in India regarding rent have been kept in favor of tenants. In such a situation, if the property owner has a dispute with a tenant and he wants to get the tenant to vacate the property, then it becomes a very difficult task for him.

Due to a small mistake, the property owner has to fight a legal battle for his own property for years. This is a big reason why a notarized rent agreement is made only for 11 months and is legally valid. The agreement can be presented as evidence if a dispute arises.

Under the Rent Tenancy Act, if there is any dispute regarding rent and the matter goes to court, then the court has the right to decide the rent. Then the landlord cannot charge more rent than that.

No hassle of going to registrar office

Another big reason or advantage behind making a rent agreement for 11 months is that there is no stamp duty and registration fee to be paid for this period agreement, if the rent agreement is made for a period of less than one year. Payable. Stamp duty is not mandatory. The 11 month rent agreement is in favor of the landlord. The rent agreement fee has to be paid by the tenant. Generally, stamp paper of Rs 100 or Rs 200 is used to prepare the draft of notarial rent agreement.