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Remedies For Bad Cholesterol: This sweet and sour thing from the kitchen will open blocked veins, control bad cholesterol

Remedies For Bad Cholesterol: If bad cholesterol increases in the body then one has to face many problems. Bad cholesterol also increases the risk of heart attack. That is why people who have high bad cholesterol have to take regular medicines to control it. But some kitchen items can be used along with medicines to control bad cholesterol. According to health experts, these two things present in the kitchen of every home can reduce bad cholesterol and also remove blockage of veins.

honey and raisins

Bad cholesterol causes blockage in the liver. Due to which blood circulation is affected. If you want to remove blockage of veins and control bad cholesterol, then honey and raisins can be consumed. Eating raisins with honey helps in reducing bad cholesterol i.e. LDL in the body.

Honey has properties that help absorb cholesterol and fat. Raisins contain fiber which is effective in reducing bad cholesterol. It is beneficial to eat these two things together. So let us now tell you how to consume honey and raisins.

Consume honey and raisins like this

If you want to reduce bad cholesterol, then take one to two spoons of honey in a bowl at night and add seven to eight pieces of raisins in it. Now cover this mixture and keep it overnight. Eat honey and raisins on an empty stomach in the morning and drink warm water. Consume honey and raisins only two to three times a week. In such a situation, eating honey and raisins reduces bad cholesterol.