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Refusal to hear criminal defamation proceedings in open court

New Delhi, 18 September (HS). The Delhi High Court has taken suo motu cognizance and refused to hear the criminal defamation proceedings against a person in the open court. A bench headed by Justice Siddharth Mridul said the judiciary is now at a stage where courtroom proceedings are being telecast live. The court said that we have nothing to hide that we should not hear the matter in open court.

Delhi Police had demanded an in-camera hearing of this case, so that the report of the hearing could not reach out. Actually, the court has initiated suo motu contempt of court proceedings against a person named Naresh Sharma. Naresh Sharma had filed a petition in the Division Bench challenging the order of the Single Bench and demanded that the Single Judge be given death sentence.

In the petition filed in the Division Bench against the decision of the Single Bench, Naresh Sharma has made many objectionable allegations against the Single Judge. In the petition, Naresh Sharma has made allegations against many government officials and even the Supreme Court.

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