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Gurugram, June 17 (HS). If our villages remain clean, the villagers will remain safe from diseases. Wet and dry garbage should be disposed of properly, this will provide a clean and healthy environment for the villagers to live in. Ravindra Kumar, Deputy Secretary of Swachh Gramin Mission, Government of India and IAS officer, said this while visiting Dohla and Mahendrawada villages of Sohna block. He inspected cleanliness in both the model villages.

He said that cleanliness is not only the responsibility of the government or administration, the villagers also have to come forward and contribute in this work. The villagers should at least keep their house and surrounding area clean. Get a double soak pit constructed near the house for drainage of contaminated water. Waste of plants, trees and fruits and vegetables can be put in a pit and compost can be made from it. Similarly, to dispose of cow dung, it can be collected and converted into compost manure. This organic manure is very useful for farming. If the drain of the village is filled with water or garbage, then the villagers should clean it together.

CEO of Zila Parishad Jagnivas told the villagers that Haryana and Central Government are jointly running Swachh Gramin Mission. Toilets have been constructed in every house. To make the ponds beautiful, they are being developed as Amrit Sarovar. Garbage heaps are being removed from around the common roads in the villages. On this occasion, Sarpanch Rampal of village Mahendrawada and the villagers welcomed IAS officer Ravindra Kumar by garlanding him and tying a turban on him when he reached the village. He said that the Gram Panchayats should get grants for development schemes as per their demand. During the tour, DRDA Project Officer Aryan Ghanghas, District Program Officer of Swachh Bharat Mission Pinky Yadav, BPM Gaurav, Village Secretary Vikas Dahiya etc. were present.