Wednesday , July 17 2024

Ration Card: Big news for ration card holders, these old rules related to wheat and rice will change…

New Delhi. There is good news for crores of ration card holders of the country. Now there will be no complaints of irregularities in ration distribution not only in Delhi-NCR but also in states like UP, Bihar, Rajasthan, Punjab, MP, West Bengal, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh. There is going to be a change in the system of ration distribution in the entire country from March 1, 2024. After March 1, 2024, ration card holders will get rid of irregularities in distribution and other problems forever. The officers sitting in the district headquarters will keep an eye on the consumers and shopkeepers sitting in villages and rural areas.

Be it the officers sitting in the District Supply Department or the officers sitting in Delhi, everyone will now keep a special eye on the shortage or shortage in PDS shops. E-posh machines are being installed across the country. Now people sitting in the village will start getting ration from this machine only. You will also get information about how much less wheat and rice the shopkeeper is giving to the consumer.

From March 1, 2024, crores of ration card holders across the country will no longer have to complain to the District Supply Department of the states. More than 80 crore ration card holders across the country will no longer have to complain about shortage. Because the officials of the District Supply Department as well as the officials sitting in the states and Delhi will not allow any irregularities in the measurement of ration.

Now you will not get less ration

Complaints were being received from consumers in many parts of the country that wheat and rice were being supplied in less weight. Complaints were being received from many other places also that ration was not being given here for months. In such a situation, the Food and Consumer Affairs Ministry of the Central Government has made a new policy for PDS centres. Now, not only will immediate action be taken on any complaint related to ration card, but the license of the shopkeeper will also be canceled immediately.

Overall, if the shopkeeper gives you less ration or is giving you goods of less weight, then you can get the license of the shopkeeper canceled even while sitting in Delhi. Under this scheme, a person is getting three kg wheat and two kg rice. Now ration less than this will not be weighed on the electric fork through the e-posh machine. Now Modi government is also going to start the system of online ration distribution. Officers will also be able to monitor this sitting in the office. The e-posh machine will prevent waste to a great extent and there will be no scope for waste with the new system.