Friday , June 14 2024

Rare treasure about three thousand years old found in Spain, know what it is?

A 3000 year old treasure has been found in Spain, but it is not an ordinary treasure, it is being said that the metals used in this treasure are not from our planet i.e. Earth, it is being said that it may also be related to aliens. . In the latest study that has come out regarding this treasure, researchers have said shocking things. The study revealed that the metal used in some artefacts made 3000 years ago is not from this planet.

Some surprising things have come to light in the research

Scientists have conducted a new analysis of the Villena treasure, finding that 59 gold-plated objects, two of which contained iron, were found in the 1963 hoard, a private report said. Anything that is not from planet Earth has been used. So where did it come from?

Let us tell you that meteorite iron is a metal which is a relic of the early universe. It is found in meteorites made of iron and nickel. The team of researchers believe that the gold cap and bracelet found in the treasure might have used metal from another planet which might have collided with the Earth 1 million years ago. The study said that meteoritic iron is found in a special type of rocky meteorites that are mainly made of silicate. According to researchers, it also contains cobalt in large quantities.

learned about meteorites

Research has also revealed that thousands of years ago it was very popular to use metals extracted from meteorites that fell on Earth in decorative items such as jewellery. A similar ornament was also found in the tomb of Tutankhamun. It has also been said about this treasure that it does not belong to any royal family but to the entire community.

It is said that 90 percent of the treasure is made of 23.5 carat gold and 11 bowls, 3 bottles and 28 bracelets were also found. The artefacts were discovered in December 1963 by archaeologist José María Soler. At that time he was digging with a team in a dry river bed called 'Rambla del Panadero', about seven miles from Villena.