Saturday , April 13 2024

Ranveer Singh's ad with Johnny Sins is getting funny reactions on X, see here – News India Live

Every day new advertisements come for the sale of some product or the other. There is such a touch of creativity in them that the viewers are left astonished. But recently when actor Ranveer Singh worked in an ad, people could not believe it. Actually, this advertisement has created a stir on the internet.

The first surprising thing is that this advertisement is related to some medicine related to men's sexual health. The second thing is that porn star Johnny Sins worked with Ranveer in this. This advertisement is quite brilliant in itself but it surprises at first glance.

In this, a TV serial with melodious music is shown in which the younger daughter-in-law of the house is leaving the house. Stopping her, her brother-in-law Ranveer Singh says – Daughter-in-law, why are you going? Aren't you happy here?

In this ad, she tells about her bad sexual life with her husband Johnny Sins Bain. After this, an elderly lady of the house slaps her and she falls from the terrace in a very dramatic manner. In the gist of the ad, Ranveer advertises sexual health related drug Bold Care. In the advertisement, Johnny is wearing Indian clothes like kurta pajama.

Now the thing to know is what was the reaction of people to this unique advertisement. Let us tell you that people made many wonderful comments on this. One user wrote, “Ranveer Singh and Johnny…what a crossover.” Another said, 'At first I thought it was a deepfake but Ranveer Singh is Ranveer Singh!!!' One wrote- Johnny with Ranveer… tell me this is a lie.

Another wrote- 'This is an amazing advertisement and the creativity of the person who made it is beyond praise.' One user wrote while enjoying – 'It is strange that even a very famous porn star is performing poorly in India.'

Although many people did not like it. One wrote – Bringing porn stars and obscenity into the Indian family in the name of humor is not an achievement. Whereas some called this advertisement very bad.

Many praised the writing and direction of the ad, with others saying that such advertisements are truly groundbreaking for the purpose of raising awareness. Let us tell you that this advertisement written by Tanmay Bhatt, Devaiah Bopanna and their team has been directed by Ayyappa KM.