Many weddings on social media Funny video too shared go. There are some videos that you cannot stop laughing at. At the same time, some are even more surprising to see. A scintillating wedding video has just been shared that you can’t laugh at. Because one can’t help but laugh at the way the bride and groom have been made fun of by friends on stage. After watching this clip, most of the people are saying that who is doing this brother!

It is said that after marriage the bride and groom are tied with the most beautiful thread of life. After the marriage is concluded, relatives give gifts to both of them as a blessing on the stage. On the other hand, friends jokingly give such a gift to the bride and groom, which makes them laugh and surprise. Now watch this video which has surfaced in which friends gifted the groom that he blushed on the stage in shame.


In the video, the bride and groom are standing on the stage to seek blessings. Meanwhile, the groom’s friends came and started joking with him. First a friend comes and holds an empty polythene in his hand. After which more than 10 friends start putting bathroom brushes, sieves and various things in the polythene. Seeing this the groom himself was ashamed. Although the groom was saved from laughing after seeing such fun of friends, but he felt embarrassed for a moment.

This video has been shared on Instagram with an account named log.kya.kahenge. While sharing this video, it is written in the caption, ‘What gift will you give in your friend’s wedding’. People are liking this video very much and are also enjoying it a lot. So how did you like this video, do tell us by commenting.