Khargone : In Madhya Pradesh’s violence-hit Khargone, a groom was forced to take the bride home on a motorcycle amid a strict curfew. Totaram Nagraj’s daughter Deepika was married to Lakhan Bhalse on Friday. In Khargone, neither the band was played nor any traditional farewell procession was taken out amid the strict curfew. Only people from both the families attended the wedding and after the wedding, the bride was sent off with the groom on a bike.

The relatives of the bride and groom said that the preparations for the wedding had started four months ago, but after the riots on April 10, all the preparations were ruined due to the imposition of curfew. Even after everything was booked, the bride and groom had to get married in a simple way, in which the groom also came without a mare and the bride had to parting on the bike. The bride and groom say that they had never imagined that the wedding would be like this and they feel very bad that the guests could not attend.

The couple said that their preparations have been completed, but were forced to get married. Many marriages have been canceled due to the curfew in the city. Life is slowly returning to normal in Khargone, while curfew is still in force as a precaution. The riots on April 10 led to a stampede-like situation after stone-pelting on the Ram Navami procession, which later turned violent. The police had to use mild force. Some people also threw petrol bombs during the violence. Many people including 20 policemen were injured in this whole incident. The police have so far taken more than 120 people into custody. On the orders of the government, bulldozers were fired at the houses of the accused.