you on social media Nagin Must have seen the dance. As soon as the wedding season comes, dance starts going viral. If someone stands and dances a snake, then someone enjoys dancing in a different way to a snake lying on the ground and people start laughing and get tired of seeing its strange dance. on social media these days Raw Badam Song The trend of the song is going on. This song is spread on all platforms. Children be it adults, actors and athletes, everyone is dressed in the color of ‘raw almonds’, but nowadays a video is going viral on social media. , Which is in a completely new style. In this video, an aunt has created panic by dancing to the song ‘Kachha Badam’ in ‘Nagin’ style.

In the viral video you can see that many women are standing and one of them is seen dancing. She is not only licking her waist, but is also seen licking her mouth. At first glance, her dance looks like she is doing the same thing as everyone else, but after a few seconds the ‘snake’ form of the woman is seen. Seeing this wonderful style of his dance, all the women laughed. The way the woman has danced in a very ‘weird’ style, it will make anyone laugh. Along with the dance, the female expression is also quite funny. You have hardly seen such a funny dance before.


This funny dance video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram named Butterfly_Mahi, which has got 4 lakh 8 thousand views so far, while the video has been liked by more than 15 thousand people. People have given different reactions to the funny dance of the woman and have started laughing.