Viral News: Bulldogs are a popular but highly misunderstood breed of dog. Not all bulldogs are aggressive. In fact, most of them are not. English and French Bulldogs can be stubborn, but are generally sensitive and very calm in nature, getting along easily with people. Bulldogs are dependable and predictable, which makes them a wonderful family pet and most love children.

An adorable video is going viral on social media where we look at a Bulldog with so much love and tenderness and it’s just too sweet to miss him. The video was uploaded to Instagram by the page ‘animals.hilarious’ with the following caption: ‘She is such a humble lady’. The post has garnered over 67k likes.

In the video, a man is seen holding the face of a gray female dog with one hand and a blush brush with the other. The man is only pretending to do her makeup and not actually putting makeup on her. The man brushes his pet’s eyebrows and then his cheeks and his face lit up with the biggest and sweetest smile ever.

Watch the viral video below: