Snake Bite 7 Times: You must have often seen in movies that if a person kills a snake, the snake does not sit on the chain until it takes revenge on that person. A similar shocking claim has been made by a person from Rampur district of Uttar Pradesh. A resident of Swar police station area of ​​Rampur district has claimed that he was bitten by a snake seven times to avenge his death.

strange claim of man

This shocking claim of the person is making headlines in this area. The man said that whenever he was bitten by a snake, his family took him to the hospital for treatment. That is, every time he is saved, but now he is living a life of complete panic. That said, now you are afraid to go out to work.

Ehsan Ali, a resident of Mirzapur village of Muhabbat Nagar Gram Panchayat of Swar police station area, told that he had gone to work on his farm seven months ago. During this he saw a pair of snakes. Then he attacked the snake with a stick, in which a snake died on the spot. So another snake escaped from there. After which he came to his home.

Snake attacked for the seventh time

Ehsaas claimed that since then he has been attacked by snakes continuously. The first attack happened six months ago. Then he went to work in the field. There he was bitten by a snake, which worsened his condition and the family took him to Banjir village near Rampur. Where after treatment his life was saved. Ehsan told that he was bitten by a snake for the seventh time on Wednesday morning, when he was going to bring buffalo fodder from his farm. The snake bit his toe. After which the people around took him to the hospital. Where to treat him? A screaming mob reached the spot and took him back to Benazir’s village, where he was treated.