Mumbai: We call children the flowers of God’s house. There is no one so innocent in this world. Their innocence and love cannot be compared. Some children are very intelligent from birth. So some kids are so naughty and fun-loving that they don’t listen to anyone. We often have the impression that children are too young to understand or take responsibility for them. But this does not happen with all children. Some children grow up to be wiser than their age due to their circumstances.

An example of this has emerged from Manipur. Where a girl reaches school with her younger sister in her lap. Now his photo is going viral on the internet.

The girl is not very old, she is about 10 years old and she is in fourth grade. She loves her sister so much that instead of leaving her at home, she takes her to school with him.


This viral photo of this girl is saying a lot. This picture depicts the girl’s love for studies. Not only this, he is also aware of his responsibilities. This shows. The picture was shared on Twitter by Manipur Energy, Forest and Environment Minister Biswajit Singh.

Sharing this photo, he writes: “I was amazed by the passion and dedication of this girl in her studies. This 10 year old girl is in fourth grade. She reached the school holding her sister’s hand.”


Biswajit Singh shared the photo, but he contacted the girl’s parents and called her to Imphal. Here, he said, he would make arrangements for her to study up to her degree. The girl is currently studying in Dalang Primary School. Not only the minister but many people are surprised by this photo on the internet. People are giving different reactions on this.