A message is going viral very fast on social media. In this message an appeal is being made to participate in the lucky draw in the name of India Post. The message states that you can win a prize of Rs 20,000 by participating in the lucky draw of the Department of Posts. But you need to be careful as this is a fraud in the name of lucky draw. You can lose your money and find out later that there was no lucky draw. A government agency, the Press Information Bureau, investigated the viral message and said that the post office did not conduct such lucky draws.

To prevent such misleading and fake news, PIB has created a Twitter handle named PIB Fact Check. This platform checks the news which are fake and go viral with the intention of luring the customers. One such news is of running lucky draw in the name of post office. The message also states that the winner of the draw will get Rs 20,000.

PIB Fact Check states that a fake India Post website is running lucky draws. There is a chance to win up to Rs 20,000 in the lucky draw. As per Fact Check, this website is not affiliated with India Post. PIB has written in a fact check tweet that India Post is not running lucky draws and this is a fraudulent warning that needs attention.


The fake website has posted a picture of India Post on its home page to mislead the common man. People have a lot of trust in the postal department, so fake websites have resorted to it. Fees have also been asked from people to participate in the lucky draw. Paying the fees online will make it easier to fall prey to online frauds. All your information can be stolen and then the account can be emptied. So beware of this fraud happening in the name of India Post. The government has also given a warning regarding this.

The home page of the fake website reads ‘India Post 170th Anniversary Bonus’. Just below this line it is written – You have a chance to win Rs. If you look below it, 4 questions related to India Post have been asked. After clicking you have to answer the question. Most importantly, there are photos and reactions of many people at the bottom of the page. In response, he was asked to take the bonus amount. It all sounds fake because it could be an easy trick to trick people.