Mumbai: The relationship of husband and wife is based on trust. The car of the world has two wheels like husband and wife and both want to pull this car together. But faith in all this is very important. When the trust between the two is lost, the relationship breaks down and the clock of the world is broken. Today we are going to tell you about Melania Darnell, a resident of Los Angeles, America. Something similar happened in his family as well.

Melania’s husband had suspected her for a long time. He wondered if I am not at home and why is she so tired. Why doesn’t he have time to give it to me? So he took the help of CCTV footage to find out the truth about his wife.

But when Melania’s husband saw the CCTV footage, his senses were blown away. He later shared this video on YouTube. But once you understand the truth, you will not believe it.


Actually, when Melania woke up in the morning, instead of being refreshed, she was quite tired. Which made Melania’s husband suspicious of her behavior, wondering what she was doing at home all day, that she was feeling so tired? But still her husband did not try to understand her or the real reason behind it.

On the contrary, his suspicion grew. After this he took the help of CCTV. Then he came to know everything.


Melania’s husband sets up a camera in his bedroom and finds that his wife is so tired of taking care of their children that she doesn’t have time to give herself.

Her husband saw on camera that his three children did not allow her to sleep through the night and she had to get up early in the morning. At the same time, they have to eat, bath, breakfast, everything for the whole day. Which exhausts you completely. Moreover, he does not have time for himself as he has to do these tasks alone.
In such a situation, the eyes of the husband were opened and he realized how well his wife was carrying out her motherhood. As a result, he shared the video on social media and apologized to his wife.