new Delhi: The wedding day is often one of the most special days in the life of the bride and groom, when their feelings are unblemished. One such heart-wrenching moment was caught on camera, where the groom suddenly burst into tears while sitting in a ‘pavilion’ next to his bride. In this emotional video that gives a chance to bring moisture to anyone’s eyes, the groom can be seen lovingly shedding tears on seeing his bride, which brings tears to her eyes too.

This video has been shared on Instagram by a wedding page named Weddingworld page. In the clip now going viral, the bride and groom are seated in the ‘mandap’ while the priest is reciting ‘mantras’. Suddenly the groom got emotional thinking about something and started crying in front of everyone. Emotional moment also makes the bride emotional. However, in the end, the groom kisses the bride to express his happiness to his chosen mate.

Posting the video, the Weddingworld page wrote: “Lord aisi pati dena mujhe bhi , In

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The video has gone viral with over 6,70,000 likes, leaving people raving about the couple’s adorable bond. Some commented that they wanted to find a similar bond, while others tagged their loved ones wishing the same bond.