Often we see them in suit-boots, who go to office in a big company or are big businessmen. Have you ever seen someone in a suit and shoes selling panipuri on the street? If not then here’s a new product just for you! Both the young men work hard to build their careers, but later realize that they should have their own business. Because of this, he opens his stall wearing a suit-boot on the road.

Yes, we are talking about two 22-year-old youths, who have opened their shop on the roadside in Patiala. He said that he first started his business by selling tea. Gradually the business grew and now they started selling Aloo Tikki-Panipuri. Both the youths took a course in hotel management and then started their careers at Domino’s, but then decided to start their own business with personal savings. Both started their work at home without informing them.

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Tikki-Panipuri is sold wearing suit-boots

Although his work stopped during the Kovid period, he continued to sell tea. Harry said that he worked hard day and night, even washing the dishes until one and a half in the morning. At present, both are serving good food daily to the people by selling potato tikki-panipuri on the road. A huge crowd of people gathered to eat at the stall. The video has been uploaded on YouTube to a channel named Harry Uppal. About 6 lakh people have watched this video so far. This video has been liked by 21 thousand people.