Cats are as cute as they are mischievous and mischievous. Seeing his actions, all the tension gets removed from the mind and a smile comes on his face. This is the reason why when a cat video comes on the internet, it becomes increasingly viral. (cat viral video). You will also be surprised to see that. Many times people go abroad and change their dress and language completely and start living like another country. It is often seen with Indians. But what happens when apart from humans, animals living abroad also start understanding Hindi instead of English. One such video is viral on social media It is done . In which an owner first talks to his cat in Hindi and she understands it very well.

Watch the video of the cat and its owner here


In the video you can see a lady talking about a cat that she is very proud that I have taught Hindi to my cat and she understands it very well. Then Malkin tells him in English that you eat food. There is no reaction from the cat. But when he asks his cat to eat in Hindi, the cat responds immediately and comes to his master. Seeing which his mistress is very happy.

This video has been shared on Instagram. Which has been seen by more than two lakh people and users are giving their feedback by commenting. One user wrote, ‘Our dog also understands Malayalam.’ At the same time, another user wrote, ‘Those who have forgotten their mother tongue by going abroad, they should watch this video.’ Apart from this, many more users have given their feedback by commenting on this.