Funny Video Today: Social media is full of weird and funny content. In many of these videos, animals have strange behavior. A hilarious video is going viral that shows a ‘killer’ chicken, yes, trying to ‘kill’ a monkey, Lion King style.

The clip was shared on Instagram by a page called ‘animalsinthenchartday’ and has garnered 160k views. It depicts a monkey and a rooster fighting near an idol of a god, which looks like India. The hen comes towards the monkey who is sitting peacefully on the edge of a cliff, admiring the beauty of nature.

Suddenly, the hen starts attacking the monkey with its beak and tries to ‘push it off the cliff’. But, the monkey fights back and slaps the chicken. They hit each other several times and the fight continues. Meanwhile, the video is overlapped with sounds of funny slaps.

Watch the viral video of monkey and chicken fighting here: