Trending Videos: At this time a video is going viral on social media. Going to the lodge with a woman was costly to a husband. The wife suddenly entered the lodge and washed the husband and his lover with slippers. The wife also made a video of the incident. This video is going viral on social media and people are also giving strong reaction on it.

What about viral video?
In this video going viral, the wife is seen washing her husband and girlfriend with slippers in hand. Both the husband and the lover are seen apologizing to her with folded hands, but the angry wife is in no mood to listen. This incident is from Agra. A man had an immoral relationship with a woman. Both had come to a lodge.

The wife had doubts about the relationship between the two. All three were keeping an eye on him. The husband took the woman to the lodge. On this information, the wife ran to the lodge, went to the room where the husband and wife were, the wife caught the husband and his lover red-handed. After this both were washed thoroughly with slippers.


The husband was requesting her to turn off the mobile camera and was also apologizing, but the angry wife washed it in front of the camera, not only that, she shared the video on social media to teach her husband a lesson. After this this video went viral.