Trending video: Although there has been a decrease in the cases of corona in the country, but it has not been completely eliminated. People are often urged by the government to be as clean and caring as possible. It is recommended to have a good and balanced diet to help your body stay healthy and fit. But many people continue to eat street food despite repeated appeals. Street food may look delicious, but it is injurious to our health.

While making street food, there are doubts about what ingredients are used, what is its quality, what type of oil is used. Not only this, any kind of cleanliness standards are not followed in the surrounding areas. Currently one such video is going viral on social media. You may feel awkward after watching this video, but you will also get angry.

What is in Viral Video?
This video going viral is a strange way of playing with people’s lives. This is a food cart. Some food items are sold on this car. But it has been seen that the plates used for this are being washed in the dirty and polluted water stored in the potholes of the road. It is seen in this video that how careless is being taken in the matter of cleanliness.


This video has been shared on Instagram account. After uploading this video, more than 1 lakh 38 thousand people have watched and shared this video till now. People have reacted strongly after watching this video.

Therefore, while eating street food, instead of being delicious in food, pay attention to the cleanliness of the food.