viral video: Several videos of a conversation between a teacher and a student in a school are coming out on social media. Some children are seen apologizing after making a mistake, while some are seen threatening their teacher. Children are very naughty in their childhood and are ready to say anything innocently. Sometimes young children say things that we don’t believe when we hear them. One such video is going viral on the internet, seeing which you will be surprised for a few seconds. You can’t believe how little kids can think like that? His teachers were also surprised to hear about this boy. This is a conversation (school video) between the two of them sitting in the classroom at school.

When the boy threatened to shoot the teacher

When there is a fight between two groups or youth, we hear threats during the fight. But if the children start making such threats… Something similar was seen in this video, in which a small boy is seen standing in the school classroom. In this video the boy is seen crying. He is also very angry. When the teacher talks to him he says that my father is in the police. The teacher also replied that if your father is in the police then what? He replies that he will shoot. Then the teacher said who will get the bullet? So he says, put it on top of the ark. Then the teacher says, will you kill me? This time the boy answered yes. In this, this little girl is seen very angry. He is crying and threatening the teacher.

here is the video


people are surprised to see the video

At the end of this video the teacher tells the boy that why don’t you study? At this the little one cries and remains silent. This video of few seconds is going viral on social media. The video has been uploaded on the Twitter account named @Gulzar_sahab. The caption of the video is, ‘My father is in the police’. This video has got thousands of likes on the internet. The video is also getting many likes and comments. People are giving different types of reactions on this. One user wrote that this boy is innocent. But his parents also need to keep a close watch on him. If by mistake the gun is in their hands, then an accident can happen.