You spend almost thousands of rupees to cure diseases. You will be surprised to know that alcohol, which is considered very dangerous for health, can also be very beneficial for you.

Actually, on hearing the name of alcohol i.e. alcohol, first of all its bad effect is seen in the mind. You must be surprised to know this, but it is absolutely true that rubbing alcohol on the body causes many diseases.

when water gets into the ear

If water enters the ear during bath, then there is a lot of discomfort. Many types of problems arise due to water in the ear, problems like allergies, deafness and itching arise very quickly. But with alcohol and vinegar, you can easily get rid of this problem. For this you have to do only one thing. Rub a few drops of alcohol around your ear. By doing this the water in the ear dries up and the vinegar also removes the infection.
cold sore problem

Red spots often occur around the lips and nose during cold weather. Sometimes we also get fever because of this. This is what is called a cold sore. If this happens to you too, then you can consume alcohol. For this, apply alcohol for 10 minutes on the place where you want to fix it. And wash after 10 minutes.
wound healing

If you get hurt somewhere, do not panic, put alcohol in it quickly. Leave it like this on the wound for 10 minutes. By doing this you will never get infection. But keep in mind that applying alcohol on the wound will give you a slight burning, later the wound will heal easily on its own.
to relieve muscle pain

There is often a lot of pain in the muscles during exercise. If you also take medicines to get relief from muscle pain, then now you should be careful. You pour alcohol on your muscles. Leave it like this for about 1 hour. Wash off with water after 1 hour. The muscle pain will surely get better gradually.