In this run-of-the-mill life, people become obese due to poor eating habits, excessive consumption of fast food, lack of physical activities and stress.

Obesity and belly fat are two such things, which not only spoil the external personality of a person, but due to this the body also becomes a victim of many health problems. We have talked to well-known Ayurveda doctor Abrar Multani about how jaggery and lemon are beneficial in reducing weight.

How lemon and jaggery reduce weight?
Jaggery is very beneficial for health. It removes toxins from the body and boosts immunity. Jaggery also strengthens the intestines. At the same time, lemon is capable of treating many types of health problems like obesity, stones, acne and indigestion etc. Lemon is also very effective for reducing weight.

Health experts say that obesity increases the risk of dangerous diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure, uric acid and diabetes. Along with exercise, it is very important to pay attention to a balanced and healthy diet for weight loss. Making necessary changes in the diet not only improves the metabolism of the body, but also helps in weight loss.

To lose weight, consume lemon-jaggery like this

First of all, heat a glass of water.
Now add a spoonful of lemon juice to it.
Then add a small piece of jaggery.
After that you mix it well.
When jaggery dissolves well in water, it means that this drink is ready to drink.
Then you can also add mint leaves to this drink.
how to consume
This healthy drink should be consumed every morning on an empty stomach. Consuming this drink made of lemon and jaggery regularly can help in reducing obesity. Soon you will start seeing the difference.