Stomach effect: Everyone’s sleeping pattern is different. Some people prefer to sleep on the bed on a curve, while others prefer to sleep on their backs on a hard mattress. It is often seen that some girls likes to sleep on his stomach , But according to experts stomach for a long time Sleeping forcefully can cause many health problems. Let us tell you about the health damage caused by sleeping on your stomach for a long time.

Wrinkles and pimples problem According to experts, sleeping on the stomach affects the beauty. Actually, sleeping on your stomach keeps your mouth on the pillow, which contains bacteria and germs. Due to this the skin does not get oxygen, due to which women are more prone to problems like wrinkles, acne etc.

Effects of sleeping on stomach
Effects of sleeping on stomach

harmful in pregnancy Pregnant women are also forbidden to sleep on their stomach. It is not only harmful to the health of the child but women also do not get enough sleep. Experts advise pregnant women to sleep on a curve.

breast pain Frequent abdominal pain or sleeping on one side can cause breast pain as it puts pressure on the breasts. Also it will disturb your sleep.

Headache Headache is also common in women who sleep on their stomach for a long time. This is because the weight of the abdomen does not straighten the neck while sleeping, thereby obstructing the blood supply.

stomach problems If you are troubled by stomach problem, then it may be due to sleeping on your stomach for a long time. Due to this the food is not digested properly, which can lead to digestive problems.