Tips to quench thirst in summer: To stay healthy in summer, you need to pay special attention to your daily diet. In fact, during this time of the year, there is a rise in the external temperature as well as the internal temperature of the body. In such a situation, the body needs water and other beverages at this time. therefore Dehydration to avoid dehydration in summer should not be . But many people have the problem of not being able to quench their thirst even after drinking water again and again. So you can do some things You can include it in your daily diet. By consuming them, you will get relief from the problem of frequent thirst and you will also feel cool.

symptoms of these diseases According to experts, by drinking more water, all the dirty things of the body come out through urine. It helps in staying healthy. However, if you feel thirsty even after drinking water, then you may be at risk of dehydration, diabetes, anxiety, etc.

summer thirst quenching tips
summer thirst quenching tips

Follow these home remedies if you feel thirsty again and again

mint water You can make and drink water from mint leaves at home. To do this, wash and grind some mint leaves. Then drink it mixed with cold water. This will give you coolness and the problem of feeling thirsty again and again will also end.

Curd Yogurt is rich in nutrients, anti-bacterial and other properties. You can eat curd to quench your thirst. For this, grind some green cardamom in curd and mix it. Also, after eating, mix jaggery in curd to quench your thirst.

Honey Gargling with lukewarm water mixed with honey also ends the problem of frequent thirst. Also, the anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties present in honey help in eliminating the germs present in the mouth.

summer thirst quenching tips
summer thirst quenching tips

cloves If you are troubled by frequent thirst, then to avoid it, put 1-2 cloves in the mouth and suck it. This may give you some relief.

watermelon Watermelon contains about 90% water. Apart from this, it contains vitamins A, C, magnesium and other nutrients. There is no problem of feeling thirsty again and again by consuming it. Also, eating it keeps the stomach full. In this way it helps in controlling the weight.

Cucumber Cucumbers contain vitamin K, potassium, magnesium, fiber and other nutrients. Due to its consumption, dehydration is fulfilled in the body and frequent thirst stops. This keeps the digestive system healthy. In this way constipation and other stomach related problems are avoided. Along with this, there is a feeling of coolness in the body.

Orange Oranges are high in potassium. It also contains 90% water. In such a situation, if you feel dehydrated in summer, then consuming oranges can be beneficial.

eat sweet paan Eating sweet paan gives relief from the problem of frequent thirst. Also the mouth and throat are not dry.