Running and cycling are both considered excellent exercises. But do you know which exercise is more beneficial for weight loss? If you do not know then this news is for you. Today we will know the benefits of running and cycling to the body and how many calories are burned by both.

Exercising is important not only to lose weight but also to keep yourself healthy and away from all other diseases. Any exercise should be done daily for 45 minutes. Cycling and running are both hard core cardio exercises, but let’s see which one is the best.

Cycling vs Running

Cycling and running both provide similar benefits for the body. Running burns more calories per minute than cycling. But running is not for everyone. Running often puts pressure on bones and muscles, which increases the risk of injury. Therefore the practical and physical basis of cycling But it is beneficial for all.


What Burns More Calories?

If you exercise to stay healthy, you can go cycling or running. If you are exercising to lose weight then running is best for you. When it comes to burning more calories in less time, running is better than cycling.

Cycling for half an hour burns 300 to 350 calories, while running burns 400 to 500 calories, but you burn the same number of calories if you are cycling faster. Burning calories depends on the pace and timing of your exercise.