Stomach pain and piles, being a health care concept, woman’s hand is facing down.

The problem of hemorrhoids is very painful, know its causes and preventive measures

Changing lifestyle and eating habits affect our digestion power. This is the reason why the number of cases of digestive problems has increased rapidly in the last few years. A similar problem occurs in piles or piles. People don’t mention it because of embarrassment or embarrassment but in reality the problem can be serious. It is important that you focus on fixing it immediately instead of hiding it.The problem of hemorrhoids is very painful, know its causes and preventive measures

Technological innovation in the field of medicine has also provided very good treatment for problems like PALS. But to solve the problem, patients need to take full care of themselves even after treatment or surgery. Remember whether you are healthy or taking treatment for a problem, it is important to always eat carefully and maintain a good routine. Let us know what can be done to prevent and treat the problem of piles.

What is the problem of Piles?
Piles are actually inflammation of the veins in or around the lower part of the rectum or anus. This can cause severe pain, difficulty defecating, and sometimes bleeding. According to experts, about 40 percent of people face this problem.

Due to bad eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle changes, piles are becoming common even at a young age. Constipation, diarrhoea, pregnancy etc are also conditions that can cause this problem. This puts extra pressure on the abdomen and anus. This leads to swelling of the veins and a condition like piles.How to reduce your risk for hemorrhoid pain: Nina J. Ponessa, DO: Proctologist, colon and rectal surgeon

What do the experts say?
According to health experts, poor eating habits and lifestyle habits can increase the risk of piles. There is a misconception that piles is caused only by eating spicy food containing chilies. If your digestion will be fine then there will be no problem of regular defecation and there will be no problem of swelling in the veins. Fiber in the diet and the habit of drinking plenty of water can be effective in preventing this problem. It is important to have at least 20-35 grams of fiber in your daily diet. Leafy vegetables, whole grains, salads and fruits can be helpful.

How to get rid of Piles?
According to experts, cold compresses can provide relief from the symptoms of piles. Piles can also be caused by sitting too much on the toilet seat. This can increase the risk of infections other than piles. Even in the case of piles, regular exercise can not only prevent the problem but also bring the problem under control. Due to the habit of exercise, the digestive system remains healthy, the weight remains balanced and there is no condition like constipation.The Scope Blog - Painful Facts About Hemorrhoids - Tanner Health System

How is hemorrhoids cured?
It is a common misconception that hemorrhoids can only be removed with surgery. In the initial stages, it can be easily controlled by just making changes in diet and lifestyle. According to experts, surgery is required only in 10-15% of cases. In some cases, piles can be treated very easily and simply with the endoscopic method.
It is also a misconception that people often take all precautions and avoid thinking that the problem will not go away after getting treatment or surgery. For most of the people this problem can happen again for this reason. So keep consulting your doctor during and after the treatment.