Mumbai: In today’s fast-paced world, we do not pay attention to our health. This causes many health problems. That’s why it is important to exercise to take care of your health. To keep the body strong and healthy, doing yoga is very important. Halasana posture is important in this. This had a positive effect on his body. Daily exercise makes the body flexible. According to experts, Halasana is a medium level yoga asana. Is . In which some changes can be made according to the need. Halasana is a yoga posture that not only strengthens the body but also strengthens the muscles. It also helps in keeping the vital organs like brain and eyes healthy.

How to do Halasana?

Many people feel the need to meditate for their good health but do not know how to do it. Therefore, first of all, do Halasana, in a clean environment and on a mat or yoga mat bed in a flat place. Now lie on your back on this and keep both your hands on the mat. Now slowly bring the legs up in a straight line. Then with the help of the waist, bring your feet towards the back of the head. Hold it behind your head until your feet touch the ground. Now stay in this position as long as possible. Then return to your normal position. Do this yoga five times a day.

Benefits of Halasana

Regular practice of Halasana gives peace of mind. This increases the flexibility of the spine and provides relief from back pain. The practice of Halasana also helps in dealing with stress and fatigue. Halasana increases metabolism and helps in weight loss. It massages the organs of the digestive system and helps in improving digestion. It is the best asana for diabetics, as it controls the sugar level. This asana gives good tension to the spine and shoulders. It also helps to overcome problems related to thyroid gland.