Mumbai: It is natural for everyone to feel that even in old age, their youth is exposed, their face is shiny and smooth. everyone always Wants to stay young Especially in women, there is a lot of tension about looking young for a long time. For this, they use expensive treatment as well as products. but Health According to experts, there is something bad in every person. Habits which can harm the body. These habits are not only harmful to your health but also premature old age Invite also. In such a situation, you start looking old at a young age, if you have the following habits, then change them in time.


By worrying too much about anything, people start looking old quickly. Such people may suffer from any mental or physical illness. Often this process goes unnoticed, but stress can be a very deadly and silent killer. Therefore, if you want to stay young for a long time, then you should avoid taking stress.

not getting enough sleep

Lack of sleep for 7 to 8 hours a day can also lead to premature aging. Not getting enough sleep is linked to stress. Sleep helps you stay young and stress free and slows down the aging process. But some people don’t take it seriously. This problem is increasing rapidly among the youth.

lack of physical movement

Not being physically active can lead to many diseases. Not exercising in daily life or not keeping the body active enough has a direct impact on your health. Thus, the possibility of early onset of the disease cannot be ruled out. It ruins your youth.

not eating well

Not eating properly is also a major reason for premature aging. Dietician Dr. Abrar says things like soda, processed foods and fatty foods have become a big part of our diet in the 21st century. These things are responsible for reducing your life expectancy. Therefore a healthy diet is essential for the body and for maintaining youth.

smoking and alcohol

Many people turn to alcohol, tobacco or drugs to reduce stress. As a result, the younger generation is more attracted towards these habits. Their overdose can also kill a person, but even before this, its continuous and excessive consumption can lead to rapid aging.