Mumbai: now than before lifestyle Many changes are coming in , At this time almost everyone’s hectic life is going on. stress and rush reason You don’t pay much attention to your diet. It also consumes more oily, spicy and spicy food. So it has a bad effect on our body. good health Goodness is considered necessary. According to experts, getting enough sleep keeps energy in the body. However, many people have different problems during sleep. This includes sleeping on your stomach or sleeping with your mouth open. People who sleep with their mouth open have to face many physical problems.

danger of bacteria

According to experts, sleeping with your mouth open can cause 100 percent damage to your teeth. This dries up the saliva of the mouth. Saliva prevents the buildup of plaque and thus removes the bad bacteria. Sleeping in this position can lead to bleeding in the mouth, teeth and other diseases.

effects on lungs

Fatigue is the cause of many of our physical problems. It is said that sleeping with your mouth open can have a detrimental effect on your lung function. According to experts, such sleep affects the flow of oxygen to the lungs. Lack of oxygen in the lungs causes fatigue in the body. In this case, it is more beneficial to consult a doctor.

lips get dry

One of the disadvantages of sleeping with your mouth open is that it can make your lips dry. If the lips remain dry for a long time, then the skin of the lips starts cracking. People start having trouble swallowing anything at a time. If you are also facing this problem, then definitely consult an expert.

odor problem

According to experts, sleeping with your mouth open can allow bacteria in the air to enter your teeth and mouth. These bacteria and dirt then take the form of a foul odor. So try not to leave your mouth open at night. If this problem persists for you, then you must consult a doctor. Sleeping with your mouth open is not a good habit.