Now we will tell you about the habit of the common people of India, in which they squeeze the tube of toothpaste to such an extent that the last part of the paste also comes out of it. We do the same with shampoo bottles and chips packets. But now big companies have recognized this habit.

And now these companies making soap, oil, shampoo, toothpaste, cold drinks and chips have shortened the packets of their products and kept their prices the same to cheat you. So that your goods keep getting exhausted again and again and you keep buying their new packets at the same price. Inflation is called inflation in English and this trick of big companies is called shrink fiction, under which the price of the goods remains the same but its quantity in the packet keeps on decreasing, that is, it keeps on shrinking.

After all, what is Shrink Fiction? , If you have not yet understood this principle of Shrink Fiction, then we are here to tell you in a simpler way. Suppose you like chips of some company very much. So in such a situation, you will also remember the name of that company and also know in which packet those chips come and what is the color of that packet. But imagine, what will happen if this company does not change the price of these chips, reduces the quantity in the packet and reduces the size of the packet? Will you be able to notice this change? The answer is probably no, and that’s because you think you’ve bought chips for the same price every time you buy them. Whereas in reality you will not get the same amount of that thing in the same amount as before. And this trading strategy is called Shrink Fiction.

These companies adopted these funds: Because if these companies increase the price of their product to increase revenue, then it can reduce their consumers. Whereas shrink-meat doesn’t run the risk of anything like that happening. That is, it is a very safe method, about which even common people do not know. Let us give you some examples. Sun Made in America is a company that sells raisins in packaged food. Earlier the weight of one packet used to be 630 grams. But now the new packet that the company has brought, its weight has been reduced by 60 grams. And now this packet comes in 570 grams. But there has been no change in its price and there has been no decrease in its sales either.

big impact on profits However, the question in your mind will be that by giving some chips from a packet or taking out one or two biscuits from a packet of biscuits, what will be the benefit to these companies? So let me tell you about it too. The Coca-Cola Company sells 200 crore bottles per day. Now suppose, what if Coca-Cola adopted this business strategy and took out 0.25 liters of cold drink from each of its bottles. So this will save 50 crore liters of Coca-Cola drink, from which 250 million bottles of two liters can be sold in the market and Coca-Cola has also done the same. In 2014, the company had slightly reduced the size of its two liter bottle. Its volume was reduced to 1.75 liters and you will find thousands of such examples.

Companies struggling with the habit: Till then people in our country use toothpaste tubes. Until every part of it falls apart. That is, we squeeze the tube of toothpaste completely. They do this so that if this tube can last for 20 days, then it can last for five days or six more days. But are the toothpaste makers not aware of this habit of yours? They are aware of this habit of yours, so they break it too. For example, a few years ago, a large American toothpaste company wanted to increase its revenue. The company was aiming to double the sales of toothpaste in the next one month. So for this this company did something that you cannot even think of.

The company did this trick: This company has increased the hole in its toothpaste tube. And there was no change in the price of this tube. It happened that because of the big hole, so much toothpaste started coming out of the tube at once, as much as three times more than the old hole. That is, earlier one tube used to run for 28 days in a family. Started finishing in 12-14 itself. And in this way the company’s customers did not increase but sales increased and its revenue also increased.

Is it illegal to do so? However, the question in your mind would be whether it is illegal to do so? So the answer is no. It is not illegal to do so at all. It is legal and these companies are free to do so. So there is only one solution and that is that you have to be aware and see that you are getting the goods at the same price as before.