Triphala, Harad, Bahera and Amla are medicinal mixtures of all three. Triphala has anti-disease, anti-disease and medicinal properties which get rid of all diseases. Triphala is very beneficial for everyday common ailments be it headache or skin diseases, blood disorders or digestive diseases. It is also disease resistant. It also has anti biotic and anti septic properties.

immunity People who do not have the power to fight diseases, they keep falling ill again and again. Those people should consume Triphala regularly, which increases their immunity and gives strength to fight diseases. Triphala promotes anti-body elements in the body, due to which the body remains bacteria free.

panacea for stomach problem Triphala is nectar for stomach ailments. The mixture of all the three medicines of Triphala completely cleans the stomach. The use of its powder gets rid of all the problems like bloating, colic, gas etc.

remove constipation problem Do Triphala is very effective in the problem of constipation. No matter how old the problem of constipation is, the consumption of Triphala gets rid of it in no time. Use it at night with warm milk or warm water. Triphala can also be taken along with Isab Gol.

enhance eyesight Triphala is a boon. With its use, there is an amazing increase in the eyesight. Mix 1 teaspoon Triphala in a glass of water in the evening. Strain this water in the morning and wash the eyes thoroughly. By doing this regularly, the eyesight will definitely increase. Drinking Triphala water is very beneficial for eyesight.

beneficial in skin diseases Triphala is very beneficial in skin diseases. It purifies the blood by taking out the toxic elements present in the body, thereby getting rid of skin related problems and there is no risk of any kind of infection in the body.