Nowadays white hair , white hair ) problem has become common. Due to poor lifestyle, wrong eating habits and lack of nutrients in the body, people’s hair turns white at an early age. Since white hair spoils the look at a young age, to avoid it henna (mehndi) Mehndi ) or color remains as a measure. Colour ( Hair Color ) contains chemicals and it leaves side effects on the hair, due to which most people resort to henna. But according to beauty experts, henna spoils the quality of hair. This makes their hair dry. In such a situation, the question arises in the minds of many people that why the hair gets damaged by henna even though it is natural.

Know why henna damages hair

According to experts, henna is never bad for hair. Rather it makes the hair soft and strong. You can use henna even if your hair is not white. To improve its color, tea leaf water, coffee, catechu, beet juice etc. can be added to it. But the mehndi should be pure. Use pure leaf henna, your hair will never be damaged. Our hair is bad because most of the people use packaged henna because henna leaves are not easily available everywhere. Packaged henna contains chemicals. These chemicals make the hair dry and spoil the quality of the hair. This is the reason why experts recommend not to use henna.

black henna is very harmful

Nowadays black henna is also being sold in the market which claims to darken hair naturally, but the color of henna is always red, not black. The black color is due to micelles. With its regular use, the face and neck start turning black. Although the blackness of the face and neck can also be cured, but this problem does not end from the root.

hair color is the most dangerous

According to experts, applying henna to the hair makes the hair color last longer, but it is the most dangerous. Regular hair coloring can lead to problems such as allergies, hair loss, lupus, asthma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma and dementia. They damage the hair cuticles, cause hair fall and become very thin in no time.