banana-curdEating banana is very beneficial for health. It fulfills the iron deficiency in the body and fills the body with energy. So curd is also very beneficial for health. The good bacteria present in it strengthens the Pancha Tantra and removes stomach problems. Although you must have seen most people consuming milk with banana. But do you know that consuming curd with banana has many benefits for the body and it can protect the body from many health problems.

Yogurt is rich in good bacteria, calcium, vitamins and minerals, while banana is rich in vitamins, iron and fiber, which are very beneficial for health. You can include bananas and curd in your breakfast. Let us know what are the benefits of eating curd and banana together.

get rid of constipation problem

If you are suffering from constipation regularly then you can have banana and curd for breakfast. It is very beneficial for health and by eating banana and raisins in curd, the problem of constipation goes away.

controls weight

Both curd and banana are high in fiber. Adding banana to curd burns body fat faster. Eating curd and banana in breakfast will keep your stomach full for a long time and you will avoid overeating. Due to which your weight will be under control.

keeps bones strong

The fiber present in banana supports the good bacteria in yogurt. This leads to better absorption of calcium. Eating curd and banana in breakfast strengthens bones.

will give energy to the body

If you feel very tired, then the consumption of banana and curd is very beneficial for you. Eating banana and curd for breakfast helps the body to maintain energy throughout the day and does not cause fatigue.