Have your nails turned yellow? So we tell you some such tips, by adopting which you can make your nails beautiful and shiny. After this the yellowing of the nails starts.

When nail polish is applied on the nails for a long time, because in such a condition the nails do not get natural oxygen, due to which they turn yellow. Although toothpaste is used for teeth, but with this you can easily remove yellowing of nails. technical Info

necessary ingredients
half teaspoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon toothpaste
clean it like this

First of all, clean your nails that means there is no nail polish on the nails. After this, add lemon juice to the toothpaste and mix it well. After this apply this mixture on the nails and rub it like a scrub.

Apart from this, you can also adopt another method. Mix a small spoon of honey in a small spoon of olive oil and apply it on the nails and pour lemon juice on top, then after 15 minutes wash your hands with lukewarm water.