ToothHow to deal with Pyuria: Pyuria or periodontitis is a serious gum disease. Due to lack of information, people are not able to treat it on time and their teeth get damaged. According to the ORMD website, our teeth contain a lot of bacteria that gradually build up around the teeth. The food we eat provides them with nourishment and damages the gums and jaw bones. Due to this the bones gradually start to rot. This problem is called pyuria. If left untreated, pyorrhea can spread rapidly and lead to tooth decay. Due to which teeth can also come out.

symptoms of pyorrhea

Symptoms include bleeding gums while brushing, change in the position of the teeth, red, loose and swollen gums, pain in the teeth while chewing food, bad taste in the mouth, etc.

What is Pyria?

By not brushing evenly, bacteria multiply in the mouth and form dental plaque. If not brushed off, bacteria over time build up mineral deposits inside the plaque and the frozen mineral known as tartar. This breaks the connection between the teeth and the gums and the problem starts.

due to pyuria


-diabetes type 2


-hormonal changes

– strong immunity

-poor nutrition

-Vitamin C deficiency

treatment of pyorrhea

– Removal of dirt from the teeth through the scaling and polishing process.


Wash it by adding 1 teaspoon of salt in lukewarm water.

– intake of antibiotics

-flap surgery

ways to avoid pyorrhea

– Rinse at least twice a day

– Brush twice a day

– Quit smoking.

Use fluoride toothpaste.

Eat food rich in fiber daily.

Get a dental checkup done by the dentist once a year.