BananaKnow why every woman should eat banana everyday: Universal development of the society is not possible unless half the population of the country i.e. women are physically and mentally healthy. Every woman needs nutrition in her daily routine to prevent diseases, give birth to a healthy baby and prevent malnutrition. Nutrition comes from a healthy diet of milk, vegetables and fruits. Banana is especially important for women’s nutrition. If a woman eats a banana every day, then many problems go away from it. So let’s know how banana can be beneficial for women.

source of energy

Eating banana gives you instant energy. Banana is considered as a complete food like milk. Bananas have high glucose content. It is called a source of energy because of glucose. In such a situation, if women eat banana early every morning, then they get energy and essential nutrients throughout the day.

Banana is rich in potassium which helps in reducing stress levels. Potassium regulates stress hormones. Therefore, every woman should eat banana to avoid stress.

essential in pregnancy

Banana contains folic acid. Which is necessary for the formation of cells and to prevent birth defects in the fetus. Banana is also beneficial for the development of the fetus. Therefore a woman should eat one banana daily.

relief from anemia

Women are more prone to anemia. Bananas are high in iron. Which removes the lack of blood. Iron helps in the formation of red blood cells in the body.

relieve headache

Bananas are high in magnesium. Which is a mineral that relieves headache. Therefore, the problem of migraine and headache can be reduced by regular consumption of banana.