cold-water-1Water is very important for us. It is said that 70% of our body is made up of water. Health experts also recommend drinking 3 to 4 liters of water a day. But, according to the doctor, drinking water while eating food should be avoided. Drinking water during or immediately after a meal can lead to problems like acidity and bloating. People who drink water immediately after eating food may have to face many health problems.

How long do you drink water after having a meal?

According to health experts, it takes about 2 hours for food to be digested. Drinking water during this time can affect the digestive system. Therefore, you should drink water at least 45 to 50 minutes after having a meal. Also, drink water half an hour before eating food.

What are the benefits of drinking water at the right time?

  • Drinking water an hour after a meal helps in weight control.
  • By drinking water at the right time, the digestive system remains correct and strong.
  • There will be no problem of gas and acidity in the stomach.
  • The body absorbs nutrients from food well.
  • Drinking water at the right time helps you to sleep well.

What are the disadvantages of drinking water immediately after having a meal?

  • obesity
  • digestive problems
  • high blood sugar problem
  • Abdominal distension