379282-summer-zeeNew Delhi: Due to the scorching heat in many cities of India, the mercury has crossed 42 degree Celsius, due to which people are getting sick. The cases of dehydration are increasing due to viral fever and diarrhea. The reason behind this is also to drink cold water immediately after coming in contact with the heat of the sun. Pay attention to what you eat and drink amid rising temperatures. People need to be aware of the symptoms of both diarrhea and viral fever.

these diseases
Whenever you start getting the warning signs of viral fever and diarrhea in your body, it is most important that you go to the nearest hospital and consult a doctor and get the necessary tests done. Let us know how to know about this disease.

of diarrhea Symptoms
– Abdominal pain – Nausea or vomiting
– Abdominal cramps –
loss of appetite
– Headache
– Fever
– constant thirst
– blood in stool
Dehydration problem
stool several times a day

Symptoms of Viral Fever
– Headache –
reddening of eyes
– swelling of the eyes
– sore throat
– winter
– body pain –
increase in body temperature
– joint pain

Avoid dehydration.
– Strengthen the immune system.
Do not consume contaminated water.
Avoid eating outside in the changing season.
– Drink hot water.
– eat a balanced diet
Avoid coming in contact with viral fever patients.